How to convert PDF to JPG completely free?


How to convert PDF to JPG completely free?

11/25/2016 12:46 PM by Sohag in How to

If you are a smart phone user, then you might know that how importance it is to have the JPG image instead of having entire PDF document. Nowadays PDF document has become more popular because it supports most of the web browser and the uploaded document remains non-editable. But a lot of people face problems now. You may need any specific pages not the entire PDF. But keeping the whole PDF file is taking more space from your device, which is completely wastage. So what if you could just have the specific page on your device? Okay we can do that using Split PDF. But you may wonder what will happen if someone doesn’t have the PDF reader? Well the solution is JPG. All the smartphones and multimedia supported mobile allows you to view JPG image. So it’s best idea to get the JPG format of that specific page.

How to convert PDF to JPG.

Now you have come to the right place. We will show you how to convert PDF to JPG images within a minute. You can do it from any devices and anywhere. You don’t need to have any account or subscription.

Step 1:

Visit PDFsToWord.Com and click on PDF to JPG. Now you will get a new window like this screenshot below.















You will see a many different options now. All of them for upload. If your PDF file in already on your device, then click on “Upload File”. If your file is uploaded on your Google Drive, then click on “From Google Drive” and select the file which you want to convert. If you wish to upload your files from Dropbox, then click on “From DropBox” and upload your file

Step 2:

Once you have successfully uploaded your PDF document simply click on the “Convert Now” button. You will see a transparent popup with the word “Converting….” Wait few seconds. And you will be redirected to another page like this screenshot.



















Step 3:

Finally, you are done. Your document has successfully been converted from PDF to JPG. To download the JPG image you will have different options. If you wish to download the files on your current device. Simply click on “Download the file” button. If you want to save the JPG image directly to your Google Drive then click on “Save to Google Drive” it may show you only “Save” with Google Drive icon, if you are already logged in to your google drive account. If you wish to save on Dropbox, then click on “Save to Dropbox” button.

See you got a lot of options. Now if you think to get a download link instead of all of these features what will happen? Well, for that we have added “Email Me” features. Just simply fill up your email and click on “Email Me”. Our server will send you an email with the download link of your converted file. You can download it. Every PDF pages will be converted into JPG images. If you have 15 pages on your PDF you will get 15 JPG images in a zip fle.

Note: Download link will be accessible only for 24 hours from the time you converted.