How to convert PDF to Word completely free?


How to convert PDF to Word completely free?

10/01/2016 10:00 PM by Sohag in How to

There are a lot of ways to convert PDF to Word. But most of them has the restrictions like, you have to buy the monthly package to increase your quota, or to download the file you must have to register. But today what we are going to share is completely free and there are no restrictions like others.

PDFsToWord.Com an all in one website. Where you can easily convert your documents to editable format. In this website you can easily convert your any types document file completely free. To convert a file, you don’t need any registration, installation or even subscription. What you have to do is just make you sure you got the file to convert.  Your document format may vary with your software or needs. That’s why we have included most of the document formats that you usually use. In most of the cases people can’t edit the PDF files. PDF doesn’t allow you to edit it like the word or other word processing applications. So what you have to do is convert the PDF files to any editable format. But it’s not so easy as it is to say. But right now it’s easier than you think. Anyone can convert their PDF to Word completely free. 

To Convert PDF to Word

To convert the PDF files to editable text, simply visit the PDF to Word link it will directly take you to the converter page. You will get a lot of options to upload the files. If the file is with you right now on your device, then simply drag and drop it to the green box called "Choose File". If you don’t have the file currently on your device, then don’t worry. We got the solution for you. We have added cloud uploading features for our website. If you don’t have the files on your local storage or devices, you can simply use “From Google Drive” or “From DropBox” feature. These two features will allow you to upload your files from the cloud if they are already on these two servers. Once you are done uploading files. Simply click on “Convert Now”. You will see a little loading text called “Converting” and after few seconds you will be redirected to the download page. Now here you got more options too. You can simply download the files to your device. Or if you want you can save to them cloud as well. Not only that you can also request for the download link into your email. For better understanding check the attached screenshot and look at the red marks.

PDF To Word Convert Image

To Download Converted Files

Once the conversion is done, you can download the files in various method as we said on last paragraph. Now if you want to download the file to your current device that you are using to visit our website, then you can simply click on “Download The File” button. If you want to save the file on DropBox then you can simply click on “Save to Dropbox”. Our powerful website will save the document for you to your DropBox account. If you want to save the document on your Google Drive. Then click on “Save to Google Drive”. Sometimes it may show only “Save” with google drive icon, because you are already logged into google. Now what if you are not interested in any of these, because you want to download the file letter with a link. We have a great solution for you. If you really want to do that you can simply fill up your email address where you want to get the download link and click on “Email Me”. We will email you the link to download your file. Check the screenshot with red mark to understand the process clearly.

Note: The download link will not work after 24 hours from the time we send the link to you.

PDF to Word Converter Image

In PDFsToWord.Com you can’t just convert PDF to Word but you can also convert Word to PDF, Txt to PDF, PDF to Txt, Excel to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF and a lot of other documents. You can check all the available options in “PDFsToWord.Com